Wedding Checklist

Wedding checklist

Thank you for filling in this checklist! This way we will make sure I can run your wedding smoothly. Please feel free to answer in Dutch.

Your names *
Your names
If you notice on the day itself you do need more time, it's possible. Just ask me.
Here you can fill in all the addresses I need to know for your Big Day: - Getting ready bride - Getting ready groom - Ceremony (civil & religious) - Reception - Dinner - Party
An estimated number is good enough! 1) In the morning: 2) During the ceremony: 3) Dinner: 4) Party:
My preference is to come with my car to your wedding. If your wedding is in Amsterdam though, it's probably best if I come with public transportation.
If I come with my car: 1. Are parking permits necessary, for example at city hall? If so, has this been taken care of for me as well? 2. Can you tell me per location, where I can park and if this is free or paid parking? 3. Do I need to plan extra time to park my car? For example, because I need to search for a parking spot in a busy city centre or because I need extra time to walk because city hall does not have their own parking spots. If I'm using public transportation: And there is more than one location during your wedding day, I would love to get a ride from someone to get from one location to the next. Is this possible? For example from a wedding guest or from the videographer. In doubt or is something unclear? Give me a call!
Please tell me your good weather and bad weather shoot location.
Example: Big group photo with all the wedding guests When? Right after the ceremony Small group photo's - When? In the morning photo 1, 2 and 3. During the reception photo 4, 5 and 6. - Compositions: Photo 1 - Bride & groom with parents, brothers & sisters of bride (possibly also with grandfathers and grandmothers) Photo 2 - Bride & groom with parents, brothers & sisters of groom (possibly also with grandfathers and grandmothers) Photo 3 - Bride & groom with bride and groomsmen Photo 4 - Bride & groom with witnesses Photo 5 - Bride with friends Photo 6 - Groom with friends
* Is there a dresscode? * Are there other video-, or photographers? * Will you be going on honeymoon after the wedding (and if yes, when & where will you go)?
Please include important elements (such as traditions, speeches, performances or other beautiful/photogenic moments). *For example: 09.00 - start make-up artist 09.30 - start Emmily with groom 10.00 - Emmily goes to bride 11.30 - first look + toast 11.45 - lunch 12.30 - small group photo's part I 13.00 - departure 13.15 - shoot 14.30 - arrive at location 15.00 - ceremony 16.00 - reception // big group photo, toast, wedding cake, small group photo's part II 17.30 - getting changed 18.00 - dinner // speeches 21.00 - party // openings dance // DJ + band * Do you work with a script (draaiboek)? I would love to receive that as well. Please send it to
1. Is there a special wedding official (trouwambtenaar)? 2. How do you enter the room? For example, groom with mother -> bridesmaids -> bride with dad. 3. Are there personal speeches? If yes, how many? 4. When the ceremony has ended, how do you leave the room? Do you go first, or do the guest leave first?
Names & phone numbers
Is there maybe a special piece of jewelry or person that needs special attention or anything else that's of importance?
Meals *
Do I need to take care of my own lunch (which is not a problem!) or did you count on me? For dinner it's a bit harder to arrange my own. Is it possible to have an easy meal and sit somewhere? Preferably somewhere quiet but close to you so I don't miss a thing. I don't have any allergies or dietary wishes.
Wedding checklist